Welcome to BAJ Pets - a small family run pet store that can be found in South East London, England.

Come and see our extensive range of pet foods & accessories. We stock all major & some economy brands.

Bulk Orders are welcome for your dog, cat, rabbit, or bird food. A free delivery service available, conditions may apply.


New Products & October Offers

New Products
The autumn is here we need to feed the wild birds and animal I list below some new products for the season. We have all heard of Bill Oddie like him or loath him his heart is in the right place as far as nature is concerned. Did you know [...]

Since my last post many this have changed in my business.
Our shops in Cotmandene have now both closed. The reasons are various a reduction in footfall, the homeware shop not being as successful as we would have liked, staffing the shop, reliable staff became fraught with problems and let us down with flimsey excuses. It [...]

What a title for this moan and reality check.
They say we are in recession well all the media hype if we were not, we are definitely on our way to one.
What gets me is the Government saying that they did not know what a mess the banks are in or not saying as the case [...]

Last week I had a call from Geoff at Virgin Radio he wanted to know if I wanted some free advertising. What a silly question of course I do.
He wanted me to offer a discount to customers that mention the Geoff show. So I thought of an offer which you will need to listen to [...]

We have just taken delivery of a new range of Dog and Cat bed all at discount prices.
Come and have a look.

Hi we had a delivery of some fish from our wholesaler they look very good.
We stock cold water fish mainly Goldfish but do have a few native UK fish, Chub and Mirror Carp.
We had a litter of twelve hamsters recently which will be sold in the shop. There are some very nice colours [...]

What a week with many Highs and Lows, more Lows than Highs unfortunately.
We had a fake £20 note during the week the thieves that pass these bits of paper into circulation are the lowest of the low. They are not only stealing from shop keepers but if it is not identified each time it [...]

This is my first “Blog” the concept is an interesting one as the user can publish to the world his thoughts on any subject which must alway be the basis of a free society.
I think my content will be centered around the running of my businesses the Pet Shop and the Homeware shop. The activities [...]